13 Boston Oyster Bars that are Worth your Attention

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Photo via B&G Oysters

When you think of Boston, you think of Red Sox, tea parties and seafood.  For a long time, Boston’s seafood restaurants were mediocre at best, with few lobster standouts and the occasional beer-guzzling oyster bar. Like much of America’s food scene, Boston chefs started to reclaim the mantle and worked to improve regional sourcing at a time when selection and quality were also expanding.  

Boston oyster bars on our List

Fast forward to current day and its hard to keep a list to just 13 top Boston oyster bars.  Any CurEat list must begin with Neptunes. We are not saying it was the trendsetter, but go ahead and argue with us who was?  This small North End spots has famous 3 hour waits and enabled the birth of the Oyster craze simply because people could not wait that long.  Insider tip, give your name, go drink and enjoy the North End and then show up later when they call.  You’re welcome.  

After Neptune’s you really can’t go wrong with the remaining 12 Boston oyster bars on our list. From CurEater Chef Barbara Lynch’s B&G Oyster to the perennial favorite Island Creek, there are quality Boston oyster bars around town.  For once you can enjoy the non-food part of your day (we hear that’s a thing) and just pick the closest spot to kickback some great regional delicacies.  

For those in your group who don’t eat oysters

If you are going with a group, especially if not everyone is an oyster fan, then Eastern Standard is your spot. It has become an iconic French brassier, serving a diverse menu with surprising quality given the restaurant’s size.  If you find yourself around Fenway, then make time for Eventide,  The Boston offshoot of the popular Portland, ME establishment. While the oysters are fantastic, you must order the lobster roll, unless of course you don’t want to ruin the lobster rolls you’ll eat in the future.

If old Boston charm in the heart of the tourist area is what you are looking for, then Union Oyster House is your spot.  Established in 1826, the history, atmosphere, and chowda’ keep people coming back.  If modern and fresh is more your speed, then head to Saltie Girl.  Led by Kathy Sidell, of the Met Restaurant Group, and Kyle Mclelland, Saltie Girl features some of the best locally sourced seafood in the city. And as a bonus, you can pair your oysters with strong cocktail selections. 

For the full list of 13 places to get your raw oysters in Boston, check our founder’s CurEat list. He obviously loves oysters!

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