These 5 CurEaters List and Share the Best Cocktail Bars

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The great thing about being an adult is that you not only get to enjoy the extra Halloween candy your co-workers bring to the office, but you can indulge in Halloween cocktails. It truly is a win-win. For  those of you who are looking for a good place to enjoy a solid, festive cocktail this weekend, we’ve rounded up 5 CurEaters (cocktail experts, mixologists and sommeliers) who have lists of the best cocktail bars.  We even took the time to choose a bar from each list and the cocktail we would drink for Halloween weekend. Cheers!

Sam Ross, NYC 

CurEater and owner of  NYC bar Attaboy, Sam Ross, is a cocktail genius, so it’s obvious that he is going to have CurEat lists of the best cocktail bars. Since he is one of our NYC CurEaters, we chose his “NYC Cocktails!” list to highlight. What would we choose from his list and what cocktail would we drink?

Bar: Dirty Precious

Cocktail: The Cathedral

Kevin Barrett, Raleigh, NC 

Raleigh CurEater and owner of whiskey bar, Dram & Draught, is one of the coolest mixologists in Raleigh and mixes up some of the city’s best cocktails. Along with Dram & Draught from his “Raleigh Bars” list, we would choose:

Bar: Bittersweet

Cocktail: Pumpkin Pie Cocktail

Bob Peters, Charlotte, NC 

It goes without saying that if you are looking for the best cocktail bars in Charlotte, NC, Bob Peters, the head mixologist at The Ritz-Carlton’s The Punch Room, is the CurEater to follow. If you’ve ever tried one of his cocktails, you would agree. From Bob’s “Charlotte Cocktails” list, we would visit:

Bar: Soul Gastrolounge

Cocktail: Smoke and Mirrors

Cocktail Bandits, Charleston, SC 

CurEaters Johnny and Taneka, of the Cocktail Bandits, are our craft cocktail advocates. These curly ladies, as they like to call themselves, share their favorite spots for the best cocktails from Kentucky to New Orleans. After perusing their CurEat lists, we decided to land on their “ATL 100” list.

Bar: White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails

Cocktail: Mint’s Mule

Hai Tran, Philadelphia, PA 

We always trust a sommelier when it comes to adult beverages. CurEater Hai Tran, beverage director for The Rittenhouse Hotel, has a hearty line up of CurEat lists. Seeing that Hai Tran is our resident Philadelphia CurEater, we thought it appropriate to choose his “Philadelphia, PA” list.

Bar: The Franklin Bar

Cocktail: The Death of the Duke

Download CurEat (available on iTunes and Google Play) and follow Sam Ross, Kevin Barrett, Bob Peters, the Cocktail Bandits and Hai Tran to see their full lists. While you’re in the app, check out CurEaters like Ryan Casey, beverage director at The Dewberry, and André Mack, sommelier-at-large, for their lists of the best cocktail bars.

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