A Morning at Big Dom’s Bagel Shop

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Downtown Cary is the Place to be for Your Bagel Fix

Apart from the construction, downtown Cary is quiet on a Thursday morning. There are neighbors walking their dog, friends sitting outside Brew Coffee Bar on E. Chatham Street, and then, a little farther down the road, sits Big Dom’s Bagel Shop

Surrounded by potted plants and a small, red table and chairs, Big Dom’s Bagel Shop is the place to be for fresh, handmade bagels. It’s small inside, simple, yet beautiful. If it’s just you and a friend, or just you, sit at the yellow bar stools and watch the morning move by through the giant windows.

Like the decor, the menu is small yet artfully crafted. And unlike the decor, these bagels are loaded. I ordered an everything bagel and The Hova on a poppyseed bagel. What you’ll see is that Big Dom’s never skimps. Both bagels were packed so heavily with seeds that I couldn’t see the bagel through it all. And that, is wonderful. I ordered The Hova, an all-time favorite of mine, which features smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onions, capers, and tomatoes. And, it was lovely. The layers of ingredients stacked high and my eyes glazed over with delight. For just $10, this bagel will keep you satisfied until the late afternoon. 

If you’ve still got space, and even if you don’t (take it to go), I’d suggest going for the Classic Cake B’Donut. 

Big Dom’s Bagel Shop offers Black and White Coffee, which pairs perfectly with any bagel, a variety of fancy tea (their words, not mine), as well as other beverages. 

So, here’s your excuse to visit Cary and explore downtown. Park near the old library on Academy Street and from there, just walk. You’ll pass by Ashworth Drugs, a local favorite. You’ll walk by Pharmacy Bottle + Beverage, but we’ll leave that for another day. And there, at the edge of downtown Cary, you’ll find the red table and chairs in front of Big Dom’s Bagel Shop. 

You can follow the owner of Big Dom’s Bagel Shop, Amber Faulisi, on CurEat for her restaurant and bar recommendations. She has hearty list of pizza joint recommendations. If you don’t have CurEat, download the app before you follow.

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