13 Atlanta Coffee Shops for you to Explore

atlanta coffee shops, muchacho coffee and tacos, cureaters, cureat
Interior of Muchacho

The summer of 2018, I made my way to Atlanta for the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. While I was there, I was bound and determined to embark on an Atlanta Coffee Shops tour of the city. And when I decided to do something, there’s no stopping me.

How it started

My dear friend and the founder of Raleigh’s Slingshot Coffee Co., Jenny Bonchak, had recently joined the CurEat community as a CurEater and all of her lists were dedicated to her favorite coffee shops from New York City to Austin, TX. I popped into the app to see if she had a coffee list for Atlanta, and sure enough, she did. I wish I could say that I made it to each coffee shop (10 to be exact) on her list. But by coffee shop four, I had unruly caffeine shakes. It was truly a valiant effort, though.

atlanta coffee shops, muchacho coffee and tacos, cureaters, cureat
Interior of Muchacho

New friends and memories

One of my most memorable experiences on my Atlanta Coffee Shops tour was at Muchacho. I met a barista with the most vibrant personality of anyone I’ve met. He sat with me for at least 30 minutes to chat about life and his dreams. Before leaving, I had to grab a photo to document the first stop of my Atlanta Coffee Shops tour and out pops Patrick to pose with me. It was a beautiful, brilliant moment.

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Photo courtesy of Jenny Bonchak

These are the moments we hope you experience when you discover a new place for coffee on CurEat, whether it’s a coffee shop your friend recommended or you found one through a CurEater like Jenny Bonchak. I may seem biased, but I am glad I found Jenny’s “Coffee-Atlanta” list. I wouldn’t have met the amazing barista at Muchacho. And, I would’ve missed out on Brash Coffee’s simple, smooth iced coffee that was the catalyst for my coffee shakes.

All of this being said, I encourage you to download CurEat and check out CurEaters like Jenny Bonchak, who share restaurants and bars where they’ve created memories or built a new relationship i.e. restaurants they love. And if you want to see the 13 Atlanta Coffee Shops that we recommend, we made a list just for you.

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