For the Best Places to Eat, Follow These 6 CurEaters

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From Boulder to New Orleans or from Nashville to San Francisco, at least one or two of our CurEaters will have a list of the best places to eat in each city. We’ve rounded up the 6 CurEaters who have the most lists on CurEat and who you should 120% follow. Immediately.

Hungry Asian

Roanoke, VA CurEater Hungry Asian, also known as John Park, comes in at number one with 47 lists. The guy LOVES to eat. It says it on his CurEat profile, so we aren’t making it up. Among his 47 lists are his “Korean Restaurants” list and “Ramen” list that we are particularly excited about.

Robert Donovan

Charleston, SC CurEater Robert Donovan is not far behind Hungry Asian with 34 lists on his CurEat profile of the best places to eat. Robert is our resident hot dog expert and has 3 lists dedicated solely to the classic all-American food. One of our favorite things about Robert is his Instagram bio. Check it out. But first, follow him on CurEat to see where this man likes to eat and drink.

Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

We are endlessly grateful to CurEater Atlanta Food & Wine Festival for their 25 lists. You know when you go to a food or drink fest and you get a pamphlet with a list of all the chefs, etc. participating? By the end of the weekend (or first day), you’ve either left it in your Lyft on the way to a tasting tent or in your hotel room. We’ve been there. Thanks to CurEater Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, you can find all the festival participants in one place!

Chana Lynn

Raleigh, NC CurEater Chana Lynn is the voice behind the RALEIGHWHATSUP blog. She may be an expert when it comes to the best places to eat and drink in Raleigh, but she doesn’t limit her 23 lists to the Triangle. Follow Chana to see what’s up in Asheville, Brooklyn and Key West.

Kenny Gilbert

Jacksonville, FL CurEater and Chef Kenny Gilbert, of Underground Kitchen and Gilbert’s Social, has a solid line up of 21 lists, from Jacksonville to NYC and Los Angeles to Maui. Want to eat bbq in Sea Island, GA? Chef Kenny has a list for that, too. Follow Chef Kenny on CurEat and see if your favorite restaurant and bars match up with his. 

Mattie Beason

Durham CurEater and Cider King Mattie Beason, of Black Twig Cider House, tied with Chef Kenny with 21 lists. If you want to know where to drink the best cider, Mattie B. has a “Cider Centric” list. If you happen to find yourself in Boulder, CO, check out his “Boulder Stops” list for the best places to eat and drink. Mattie B. is someone who we would want to join us for a road trip, and now he can. Follow him on CurEat and take Mattie B. along with you on your next trip around the country.   


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