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Coping with COVID-19: A Glimpse into the Diary of Lesley Anderson, GM of Poole’side Pies

As the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve I kissed my honey and thought about the year ahead. I danced around on the rooftop with my pals clinking glasses and arrogantly challenging a new decade, knowing that with this forcefield of love we could handle anything.  Little did I

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A Georgia Baker Takes a Food Fight to the Next Level

Before the raging COVID-19 pandemic, Jason Kemp was the smiling face pouring interesting wines behind Decatur’s Deer and the Dove. He currently refers to himself as furloughed Bar Manager-now-stay at home dad and avid homeschooler & gardener. “Needless to say, I’ve had a good deal of time to think about our

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CurEat App to Pivot

As things have rapidly changed in the food and beverage industry with restaurants being forced to close their doors and pivot the way they serve you, we are sad to announce that we will be taking the CurEat App down. We are hopeful that this will be temporary and that we will be

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Restaurants saved my life. Now it’s time to save them.

There’s a reason the meal shared by restaurant staff pre-shift is called “family meal.” Many families have crests, a tartan, a flag, a distinguishable nose, a fiery temper as their identifier. They have traditions at holidays, family recipes passed down through generations, and stories they tell at gatherings. That bond,

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To All The Restaurants I’ve Loved

I’ve sat in your booths and at your bars, celebrating new jobs, toasting new friends, and mourning lost relationships. I’ve popped in for a quick bite or lingered for hours. I’ve requested favorite waiters, ordered way too much, and taken far too many food photos.  I’ve also worked in your

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where to eat in atlanta, where to eat takeout curbside atlanta

CurEat Atlanta: COVID-19 resources and updates for Atlanta

Things are fever changing during this COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants are struggling to survive and pay their employees. In-person dining is prohibited, as is any gathering of people. Each restaurant’s situation is different. Many establishments have decided to temporarily close. When seeking out takeout or delivery, it is important to call

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