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Say Goodbye to The Kids Menu

It’s time to ditch the kids menu. It will take some work (yes, parenting is mostly work), but it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think. So unclutch your pearls and hear me out. If we truly understand the reality that the children in our lives are *the future*,

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Preservation with Pride

In and around the Jackson Ward corridor of Richmond, a historically African-American neighborhood, a group of restaurateurs is preserving, and adding to, the tradition of locally owned businesses. Theses restaurants — all within minutes of each other—  are also proud participants in the Richmond Black Restaurant Experience, a weeklong series

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CurEat Atlanta: Menus in Sync

Wine pairing menus are classic and established in restaurants. This is not always the case when it comes to cocktails. A confident and appetizing food menu is rarely a good gauge of what is going on with a cocktail menu. Often a cocktail program is an afterthought, or when the

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6 Ways to Sherry in Richmond

When people hear the word “sherry,” they may experience flashbacks to a sweet concoction their grandmother drank during dinner. But in recent years, dry-style sherry has been seen sneaking its way onto cocktail menus throughout Richmond, embraced by area bartenders for its depth and more prolific favor profiles. Made from

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At the Table with Jenn Rice, Food Journalist

Jenn Rice has been an acclaimed culinary arts and travel journalist for six years. Before covering food and travel, Rice covered health, wellness, and beauty. When she isn’t writing stories about being flagged for bringing caviar into the states, she’s busy making cheese balls. I’ve known Jenn Rice for over

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