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new york city dining

Classic New York City Dining – in a New York Minute

Since our anniversary falls within Thanksgiving week, we’ve made it a tradition to take time off to feed our wanderlust – and our stomachs. This year, we opted for staying stateside to explore New York City in new (to us) ways. While I’ve spent countless time in the city, my husband

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holiday wine

General Guidance on How to Choose Wine for Your Holiday Meal

James Alford, GM at Foxcroft Wine Co. in Greenville, South Carolina, helps you choose holiday wine for all of your celebrations. I see three guiding principles in picking that holiday wine: There are a million different flavors on the table, so wines with versatility perform best. This means wines with

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CurEat Presents: A Sci-Fi Review of Futurama’s Chef Elzar

One of the most endearing features of the Futurama series is the thoroughly lived-in, familiar nature of the universe in which the characters dwell. It comes fully fleshed out, with cereals like Bachelor Chow, interplanetary fast-food franchises like Fishy Joe’s, billion-dollar soda companies like Slurm, and even soap operas like

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woman holding cocktail under a blanket, cocktails in atlanta

10 Cocktails to Warm up Winter in Atlanta

Winter is here and the snuggle is real. Well, to be fair, winter officially arrives December 21, but grey skies and cold air are here to stay awhile. Not to worry, barkeeps around Atlanta felt the nippy air and answered with “I gotchu, fam.” A cozy cocktail is so much

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kuka juice soup, vegan-food greenville sc

7 Unique Vegan-Food Options in Greenville, South Carolina

Finding decent vegan-food options in a small town like Greenville, SC even five years ago was nearly impossible. You’d find yourself repeating the phrase “plant-based” slowly and with increasing volume to your poor, unaware server, who might then suggest the green beans (loaded with butter and bacon). *Cue facepalm.* Now, the

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farm in Wyoming, baking at high altitude

Sugar High- Baking at High Altitude

We’ve all heard baking is a science. As an artisan cake maker, I can tell you this is true. And when you live above 3000 ft in elevation, that science needs adjusting. I’m no scientist, I’m a cake artist. As a coastal California native, I never had a reason to

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10 Up-and-Coming Durham Restaurants

The flavors of Korea, China and Cuba are all surging to the forefront of Durham’s food scene, with amazing bakeries and creative drinking establishments along for the ride. Durham is a burgeoning mecca of great restaurants within the Triangle. If you need further convincing, check out our article about the

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Imos pizza, st. louis-style pizza, where to eat st. louis

St. Louis-style Pizza: Friend or Foe?

The answer is yes. For those of you who are wondering what St. Louis-style pizza is, it’s served on ultra-thin crust (a cracker, basically), with a slightly sweet and oregano forward sauce, and, most notably, provel cheese. Not provolone—provel. Provel was made in the late 1940s by a group of

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The Best Beers to Drink While Watching Disney Plus

With Disney finally unleashing its Disney Plus service upon the world, it has provided its legions of lifelong fans unfettered access to its vast library of animated classics. What is also shocking (and more than a little unsettling) is even those born the year Tarzan was released (1999) will be

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