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The Best Barbecue Road Map. You’re Welcome.

Being from North Carolina, we’re serious about barbecue — real serious. We may be a little partial to NC ‘cue, but we know that the taste varies from state to state. Now that summer holidays are upon us it’s time to indulge in the American classic, whether you go a

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Strands of Food: The Ties of Help One Now + CurEat

We recently discovered that almost every member of Help One Now downloaded CurEat and created profiles. When we make discoveries like this, we want to learn more! We asked Help One Now’s Chief Operating Officer Brigid O’Boyle why their office decided to use CurEat and what food means to the

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CurEat Craft Cocktails Like a Boss (or CurEater)

In Raleigh, NC, it feels like we skipped over spring and steam rolled right into summer. That being said, you’ll find us drinking fresh, craft cocktails on breezy patios or in cool (cold) bars. This spring/summer whether you’re in the mood to go out and socialize with a big group

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CurEater Jason Alley: A Pioneer in the Richmond Food Scene

“We got into the Southern food game early, when people were realizing it was a vibrant and important cuisine.” CurEater Jason Alley, of Comfort, Flora, and Saison in Richmond, Virginia proves that restaurants are more than a delicious meal (though he has that covered, too). His first restaurant, Comfort, uses

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CurEater Alex Graf: ZZQ’s Pitmistress

“Barbecue is the glue that holds us together.” Lone Star BBQ in the Old Dominion? Alex Graf of Richmond’s ZZQ says absolutely! While not as famous as the headline grabbing ‘cue style of the Carolinas and Tennessee, Virginia has a style of pulled pork all its own–a style that was

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CurEater Jenn Rice: Culinary Arts and Travel Writer

“I live for cheese, homemade tortillas, bourbon, exploring exotic locales, chasing sunsets, anything sparkling, drinking coffee on sun-drenched porches, and collecting hot sauce from all over the world.” CurEater Jenn Rice is a writer, traveler, foodie, and all-around expert. Originally a beauty publicist, Rice’s career  evolved into freelance journalism. She

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CurEater Sean Lilly Wilson: Chief Executive Optimist of Fullsteam Brewery

“(We’re) moving ‘full steam ahead,’ but we’re looking backwards to our agricultural traditions and our beer making traditions in the south.” Sean Lilly Wilson is the owner and the self-styled Chief Executive Optimist at Fullsteam Brewery in Durham, NC. Fullsteam, under Wilson’s direction, brews foraged beers with ingredients they source from North

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6 CurEaters Who Are Here for You on National Pizza Day

It’s not a secret. We’re in love with pizza. If you follow us on social media, then you know we recently embarked on our inaugural “I Wish You Were Pizza” tour — inspired by CurEater Mattie Beason and Felicia Trujillo. While you may think we’re “pizza’d” out, we’re absolutely not. In fact, some of

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CurEater F. Griffin Bufkin: Soul of the South

“We keep it real. We stay with the wood and stay with our hearts and the craft of smoking.” St. Simons Island is a barrier island along the coast of Georgia. About halfway between Savannah and Jacksonville, it is in a great locale known for good eating from red rice

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