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CurEater Ashley Boyd: The Art of the Pastry

“I come at the plate thinking of how to combine flavors and what are the different ways I can get them on the plate. It’s sort of painting with flavors in a way.” VIDEO: Order/fire: Ashley Boyd If it seems like Ashley Boyd is at home in the kitchen of

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4 Restaurant Bucket Lists to Follow ASAP

It’s no secret that we find comfort in the familiar. Even though we are creatures of habit, there’s nothing like stepping out of the routine to try new flavors. Because life tends to be a bit wild with schedules, it’s hard to keep track of the best restaurants and bars

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CurEater Craig Deihl: Butcher, Salami Maker, & Fish Cutter

“I’m not just a chef, I’m a husband, author, butcher, snowboarder, leader, salami maker, fish cutter and most importantly, a father.” We can forgive you for thinking Chef Craig Deihl is just a meat guy. After all, he spent years cultivating a reputation as Charleston’s charcuterie master. First, at Cyprus,

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Holidays with the Sommeliers

The holiday cheer is flowing like wine, and we’re here for it.  We’re also here for the rest and relaxation. If you’re like us and you look forward to the end of the day when you’re curled up in your favorite spot on the couch, sipping on your favorite libation,

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The CurEat Brunch Club

Real talk: brunch is the best meal of the day, and we’re going to take liberties and assume you agree. How could it not be when you can drink coffee for the first half of the meal and switch to bottomless mimosas for the second? Because you’re technically eating two

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Meet Asheville CurEater East Fork Pottery

When we choose our CurEaters, we not only look for great chefs and bartenders, we also look for creatives and artisan craft-makers in a community. Founded by Alex Matisse and Connie Matisse in 2010, East Fork Pottery was one of our first artisan CurEaters. This month they celebrated the one-year

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CurEat a Vegan or Vegetarian Night Out

With November being National Vegan Month, we figured we’d peruse our CurEaters’ lists for some restaurants that serve up some vegan and vegetarian dishes. For those of you interested in ditching the meat for at least one night, we compiled a list of five restaurants from five CurEaters that will

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