CurEat Thirteen

Thirteen dishes. Thirteen restaurants. Thirteen chefs. Thirteen hotdogs. We chose the number thirteen to guide you to some of our favorite spots around the U.S. because ten is just not enough.

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13 St. Louis Restaurants That Prove The Gateway City is a Diner’s Dream

For far too long, St. Louis has been judged because of the foods that have made us famous. Provel cheese. Toasted ravioli. Gooey butter cake.  We are more than that—but, at the same time, you’re totally right. We eat those things. One of life’s greatest (guilty?) pleasures is watching a

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13 Spots Perfect for a Boozy Brunch in Brooklyn

If you’re looking for a boozy brunch in Brooklyn, always trust the locals. Living in Brooklyn means always being a stone’s throw from the best food in New York City, and without the crowds and tourists Manhattanites have to constantly deal with. You’ll often find better value and more menu

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13 Boston Oyster Bars that are Worth your Attention

When you think of Boston, you think of Red Sox, tea parties and seafood.  For a long time, Boston’s seafood restaurants were mediocre at best, with few lobster standouts and the occasional beer-guzzling oyster bar. Like much of America’s food scene, Boston chefs started to reclaim the mantle and worked

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13 Spots for a Nashville Food Adventure

As soon as the airplane’s wheels hit the tarmac, I heard founder Steve Mangano’s voice rumble through my head, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint, Taylor.” I repeated the words, knowing that at some point they would stick. Surely I would be able to practice long distance eating and drinking

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13 Atlanta Coffee Shops for you to Explore

The summer of 2018, I made my way to Atlanta for the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. While I was there, I was bound and determined to embark on an Atlanta Coffee Shops tour of the city. And when I decided to do something, there’s no stopping me. How it started

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13 Fried Chicken Restaurants to Debate About

Are you caught up in the Popeyes and Chick-fil-a debate?  There are not many people who love a good fried chicken sandwich more than CurEat founder Steve Mangano. He loves it so much he created a CurEat list of 13 fried chicken restaurants to help you expand the fried chicken debate beyond the fast

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