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Bookmark, Pin and Discover Restaurants and Lists

It’s Friday and you’re scrolling through the screenshots in the album on your phone. You’re looking for the pictures of restaurants, bars and coffee shops to plan your weekend brunch, lunch and dinner excursions. In all honesty, you most likely deleted them because your phone’s storage space was running low.

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Let These Artisan Chocolate Makers Influence Your Next Meal

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we know for some people it means unnecessary stress. Deciding where and what to eat can seem like a time-consuming task. Well, don’t worry, because we have CurEaters, who make some of the best artisan chocolate in the country, to decide for

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Meet Asheville CurEater East Fork Pottery

When we choose our CurEaters, we not only look for great chefs and bartenders, we also look for creatives and artisan craft-makers in a community. Founded by Alex Matisse and Connie Matisse in 2010, East Fork Pottery was one of our first artisan CurEaters. This month they celebrated the one-year

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CurEat 101: How to List Local Restaurant Haunts

You already know that you won’t find reviews or ratings on CurEat, so how do you know if you should give a specific local restaurant, bar, etc. a whirl? Easy. If you like it, then you list it. We put the cart before the horse just a smidge when we

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CurEat: A Positive Space for Chefs and Food Lovers

We were sitting around the CurEat table and realized that we haven’t really talked about ourselves at length. We’re not shy; we’ve just had a lot of great people write about us since our launch, paving our way to you. Now, we’re ready to give you some real talk about

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CurEat 101: How to Share Lists with Friends

We’ve all received and sent a text to our friends asking, “Yo, what’s your favorite places to eat in {insert city}? I’ll be there next week!” Are we right, or are we right? If we had to guess, we’ve spent at least a year of our lives typing out our

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National Sandwich Month

Stop loafing around, it’s National Sandwich Month

Forgive the bad pun, but we had to do something to get your attention.  If you’re like us down here in the South, August really isn’t your favorite month.  It’s hot, like really hot, and not to mention humid.  And, well, August usually means back to school and summer’s end.

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