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Discover Local Dining and Drinks with CurEat

“If you look at [restaurant] rating sites, the vast majority of places all fall into a very small range of average scores. So how does that actually help you find a place to eat? With CurEat, you can quickly find people whose opinions you either trust or share and see

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CurEat Featured in The News & Observer

Great interview with CurEat founder Steve Mangano in The News & Observer: Raleigh entrepreneur Steve Mangano launches CurEat, a new restaurant app The inspiration for the app, which is now available in the iTunes app store, came first from Mangano wanting to cut through the clutter to find the best places

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CurEat Featured in IndyWeek

Drawing its name from curate, as in “to selectively gather,” the free app spotlights lists in user-friendly categories posted by invited culinary and community leaders. Read more about the app in IndyWeek’s article on CurEat: Raleigh Entrepreneur Launches CurEat App, Where Local Chefs and Other Influencers Curate Restaurant Listings

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