CurEat App to Pivot

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As things have rapidly changed in the food and beverage industry with restaurants being forced to close their doors and pivot the way they serve you, we are sad to announce that we will be taking the CurEat App down. We are hopeful that this will be temporary and that we will be up and running again in the fall, as restaurants start to open their doors again to guests.

Steve Mangano created CurEat to bring a positive voice to the restaurant search experience, and we could not have done what we did without you and the incredible chefs, bartenders, and craft makers who supported us along the way. 

We will continue to do what we can to advocate for the food and beverage industry through our newsletter, online publication, and social media, so you will still hear from us. You just won’t have access to the app. 

When the pandemic dust starts to settle, the industry that we love so much will need a positive voice on the other side. Our hope is that the CurEat App can be that voice and that we will have your support when we re-emerge. I also hope that we will change the way we interact with and recommend restaurants and bars by positively sharing the places that we love. This may be small but the ripple effect could be huge. 

For now, we hope that you will continue to support your favorite restaurants that are offering takeout/curbside and donate to organizations that are supporting folks that have lost their jobs. And, continue to follow along as we share news and stories online. 

With kindness and hope, 

Steve Mangano 
Founder and CEO of CurEat App 

Taylor Meadows
Director of Quirk (Marketing)

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