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CurEat’s vision is to be a connection point between our users, CurEaters, and independent restaurants. Our next step in doing this is the launch of CurEat Experiences.

Each of the CurEaters below has developed an outline of what they will offer over the next year. These experiences—and more will be available to those who sign-up. Our structure is simple. Sign up for a CurEat Experience and you’ll receive recipes, tips, first access to events, or other perks every month.

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Photo by Sara Davis

Wyatt Dickson

Durham, NC

What do you get when you cross a lawyer with a Southerner? Well, the most excellent barbecue man we know. Seriously, if you want a preacher’s approach to Cue, then you must meet Wyatt. He and his generation of pitmasters are turning back the clocks to a time when whole hog, pasture-raised pig pickins were the norm. The only problem is you never eat the the same hog twice. But that’s okay. As the saying goes, “When you know, you know.” Case closed.


Sam Ratto

Videri Chocolate Factory
Raleigh, NC

Chocolate lovers, look no further. If your dream is to learn from Willie Wonka, then Sam is your guy. You may have visited Videri, but the CurEat Experience will provide opportunity to rub shoulders with a local chocolate hero who has just returned from Papua New Guinea and Australia. We’re cooking up some interesting treats with Sam specifically—we promise you won’t want to miss out. P.S. We have yet to see any Oompa Loompas, but we’re keeping our eyes open.

Charlie Deal

Jujube, Dos Perros, Juju
Durham, NC

Charlie is a Californian who mixes his West Coast vibe with the South to create flavorful cuisine. He is a sommelier in his own right, a passionate chef, and a beverage expert. If you’ve enjoyed a meal at one of his restaurants, then you know Charlie will take you on tasteful, culinary adventure. Charlie led beer-focused dinners before it was a trend. If you like flavor—and lots of it—and enjoy great wine and beer, Charlie is a match made in culinary nirvana. We did say he came from the West Coast—peace y’all!

Cheetie Kumar

Garland, Neptune’s Parlour, Kings
Raleigh, NC

You may have already heard this one, but Cheetie is quite literally a rock star. A native of India, she blends her music sensibility and her Indian heritage to create unique flavors and style. If you don’t know Cheetie, you should. And if you do, there’s always more you to learn. She outshines even the lunar eclipse—oh wait—well, you get what we mean.

John May

Piedmont Restaurant
Durham, NC

You may recognize John from his time on “A Chef’s Life.” He has taken his experience at chef Vivian Howard’s Chef and Farmer to become one of the hottest (yes, we went there) chefs in North Carolina. His commitment to his craft and seasonal ingredients is on par with the best in the nation. If you’re curious as to what you should be cooking and want to know the true terroir, John is your man. And to top it all off, he is a former US Marine. Oorah!

Inez Ribustello

Tarboro Brewing Company
Tarboro, NC

Learn from a top wine expert and former Windows on the World sommelier. Her hair-raising story and relocation back to North Carolina is enough to inspire all of us. Her dynamic personality is contagious and larger than life. Inez is the co-owner of Tarboro Brewing and On the Square restaurant—what’s not to love? If you live in N.C., you will be glad to know Inez and experience wine the way she does. She is becoming, if not already, a state treasure.

Sean Wilson

Fullsteam Brewery
Durham, NC

To say Sean helped change the face of beer in North Carolina would be an understatement. His early leadership in changing the ABV (alcohol by volume) limits for beers sold in the state sparked a craft beer revolution that continues to this day. He platformed from advocacy to brewer and created the much sought-after and loved Fullsteam Brewery. Learn and taste from the best.

Kim Hunter

Kimbap Café
Raleigh, NC

Korean food is popular across the country. The rapid rise in prominence comes from unique flavors and pairings, not to mention the ubiquitous Kimchi. Kim, chef and owner of Kimbap Cafe, sources ingredients for her Korean-inspired cuisine from local farmers. The flavor profiles in each dish are bright across the board. She is not afraid to experiment with new combinations.
P.S. Try the burrito!! You won’t regret it.

Kevin Barrett

Dram & Draught
Raleigh, NC

He is not old enough to be the godfather of modern cocktails in Raleigh, but he is the godfather of modern cocktails. As the opening bartender for Raleigh favorite, Foundation, to stints in Argentina and beyond, Kevin is the go-to bar man in Raleigh. His newest venture, Dram & Draught, carries one of the state’s top bourbon selections and some of the best seasonally prepared cocktails. Get ready to shake it up!

Ricky Moore

Saltbox Seafood Joint
Durham, NC

Chef Ricky is one fascinating CurEater. He was an aspiring illustrator but used his creative energy to explore the culinary arts as a cook in the U.S. Army. He was also a U.S. Army Paratrooper. We could keep going, but we would need a day to discuss his career accomplishments. Anyone who has cooked at some of the country’s top restaurants is always worth seeing, but someone who takes his talent to transform a tiny North Durham shack into a seafood joint is truly worth our praise! (Especially when it lands on every “best restaurant list” for N.C.) Chef Ricky has a lot in the works, including an expanded location. There’s nothing fishy about this!

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CurEat Experiences look interesting but I am not sure what it entails?

CurEat Experiences offer a variety of unique experiences, involving featured CurEaters. When you sign up, you will receive recipes, tips and more from these CurEaters. Some Experiences, like insights and recipes, will be free and delivered to your inbox throughout the year. Others may provide an opportunity to purchase seats in advance of a special event, or offer access to exclusive events available only to CurEat Experiences members.

Getting access to exclusive events sounds great, but how will I know if it is worth it?

For our first year, we have some fantastic events in the works. The CurEaters involved and our experienced team will ensure these are fun and worthwhile food and beverage-focused activities. These events may be dinners at a museum, chocolate and wine pairings, brewery tours and tasting, and even events with CurEaters from other cities coming to the Triangle. They will be culinary focused, casual, and fun.

What is the duration of my CurEat Experience membership?

This is an annual membership. As a CurEat Experiences member you will have priority in renewing. Events will be offered throughout the year and members will have access to every event as it is announced, regardless of when you signed-up.

Is there a limit to the number of people that can sign-up?

There is no limit to the number of people who can sign up. Pass the word around to your friends and family!

What if I can only attend a few events during the year or they conflict with my schedule?

Events will be planned in various locations, on different days of the week, and at different times of year to ensure there are ample opportunities for all members to benefit from the CurEat Experience.

Will I have to pay extra for some events, over and above the membership price?

Yes, the membership fee is simply meant as both your acknowledgement and commitment of interest as well as to help offset CurEat costs of coordinating the Experiences. We do not want the CurEat Experience to be just another newsletter, but something you actively engage in.

How much will the events cost?

Events will be a value in line with what is being offered. We expect them to range from $20 to $100 depending on the exact nature of the event and what food and drinks are provided. We will always seek ways to enhance the experience.

I would like to attend the events with a friend or significant other, is this possible?

To guarantee a spot, we suggest you buy an Experience for both you and your guests. Some experiences will easily allow for the addition of a guest; others will be limited to CurEat Experiences members.


If the FAQ didn’t cover your questions, reach out to us at [email protected].