CurEat 101: How to List Local Restaurant Haunts

local restaurants, eat local, cureat, cureat app, independent restaurants
Photo by Carly Mask. Follow her on CurEat.

You already know that you won’t find reviews or ratings on CurEat, so how do you know if you should give a specific local restaurant, bar, etc. a whirl? Easy. If you like it, then you list it. We put the cart before the horse just a smidge when we published our first CurEat 101 about sharing lists with friends before telling you how to make a list. It’s ok because we are doing it now. Plus, we wanted all you CurEat list-makers out there to start sharing with your friends.

Step One

First things first, you have to download CurEat (available in the iTunes App Store or Google Play) and create an account before you start making lists. You do want your friends to know that you know all the cool, local restaurant gems around the U.S, right?

local restaurant, eat local, cureat, cureat app, independent restaurant
Photo by Carly Mask

Step Two

Once you’ve placed your jazzy profile picture and creative banner photo, you’re ready to start listing your favorite local restaurant haunts. Now, locate the plus sign in the search bar at the bottom of your newly made profile. Click it. Next, give your list a name. After, type in the name of the local restaurant, bar, brewery or bakery that you love. Click it. When you’ve added all the local restaurants that you frequent, you’re ready to share.

Step Three (and the Challenge)

Feeling good about listing? We told you it was easy. The biggest challenge is coming up with a cool names for your lists. Here are a few for inspiration. If the creative iron still isn’t hot, then you can use basic names. No pressure. Just have fun and start listing and sharing. Let’s keep the positive vibes going.

P.S. Did you see our little shout out in Food & Wine? We were honored to say the least and want to continue to live up to our positive mission.


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