CurEat Gives You a Reason to Share the Restaurant Photos on Your Camera Roll

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October is the month for you to share your restaurant photos to the CurEat App for a chance to win $50

One of the first restaurants a friend and her husband took me to when I interned in NYC in 2008 was a small country style, Italian restaurant located in the Upper Eastside called Campagnola. The restaurant was dimly lit and mysterious, a place that I imagined an Italian Godfather would frequent. And, apparently they did. I sat back and let my friends order for the table, and order they did, leaving no dish behind. I wish I had an iPhone 11 Pro at the time because I don’t have any photos to share of me taking my first bite of gnocchi. 

Fast forwarding eleven years and iPhones later, the first restaurant I would visit in NYC would be Campagnola. I would take photos from every angle and every wall. Campagnola served as my gateway into the independent culinary world. And although we are all slightly addicted to Instagram, I wouldn’t add my photos to the scroll. Why would I now that we have a photo-share feature on the CurEat App for iOS? It’s a game changer. 

We added our photo-share for a few reasons, one of them being that we wanted to make your CurEat lists of restaurant recommendations more robust. Let’s be honest. We all like taking photos of our food and cocktails. And if you’re photos are compelling, you could influence someone to try a new dish that they otherwise would dismiss on the menu. 

More about the photo-share contest

For the month of October, we want to see you post all the restaurant photos on the CurEat App that you’ve been itching to uncork. So, we’re having a photo-share contest. What does that mean? Exactly how it sounds. Every Friday we will choose one of you to win $50 to any restaurant in the U.S. In order to be considered, you need to:

  1. Download CurEat for iOS.
  2. Create a CurEat profile in order to post photos. 
  3. Tag the restaurant so it shows up on the restaurant’s page.

If you need some photo inspiration, follow Spencer Pernikoff, Ellie Nonemacher, Jenn Rice, and Krissy Price on CurEat.

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