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With November being National Vegan Month, we figured we’d peruse our CurEaters’ lists for some restaurants that serve up some vegan and vegetarian dishes. For those of you interested in ditching the meat for at least one night, we compiled a list of five restaurants from five CurEaters that will fulfill your vegan or vegetarian dreams. Whether you’re down for some vegan or vegetarian dishes, or want to try something new, our CurEaters have you covered.

Taïm Restaurant in NYC

If you’re looking for somewhere fast and casual in NYC, CurEater Sam Ross recommends Taïm. The menu at Taïm is strictly vegetarian and mostly vegan, not to mention gluten free and fried to order. They have everything from sandwiches to salads to platters and mezzes. There’s also a smoothie bar and baklava for dessert. We see why Taïm is on Sam’s “NYC Favorite Foods” list.


Butcher & Bee in Charleston, SC

Charleston CurEater and co-founder of the Charleston Art Festival, Terry Fox, has Butcher & Bee on his “Best Locals…” list. With locations in Charleston and Nashville, each menu differs based on seasonal ingredients in the area and offers at least one vegan option every day. If you find yourself in either city and are vegan or vegetarian, swing by this trendy, little shop for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.  

Fern, Flavors from the Garden in Charlotte

CurEater and The Charlotte Observer  Food Editor, Kathleen Purvis,  has great taste when it comes to Charlotte restaurants. Taking a look at her “Charlotte” list, we found Fern, Flavors From the Garden. Fern’s chef, Matt Martin, reinvents classic dishes to cater to vegan or vegetarian taste buds.


Perly’s in Richmond, VA

Perly’s is a Jewish delicatessen located in downtown Richmond that serves up traditional Jewish fare with a modern spin. According to Refinery 29, Perly’s is one of the best brunch places in the U.S. Most importantly, you’ll find Perly’s on Richmond CurEater Brittanny Anderson’s “Lunch Spots RVA” list.  After your meal at Perly’s, stop by Brittanny’s Metzgar for a Larry David cocktail.

The Fiction Kitchen in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh CurEater and Founder & Board President of the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation, Nation Hahn, has The Fiction Kitchen on his “JKHF Supporters” list. Want the classic, Southern chicken and waffles experience without the bird? The Fiction Kitchen will take care of you. Nation recommends the restaurant’s Eastern NC BBQ Pulled “Pork” because you can’t come to the South without the taste of BBQ.  

You can use CurEat to find restaurants with the best vegetarian and vegan options in any city. Whether you find a restaurant on one of our CurEaters’ lists or a friend’s lists, let CurEat guide you. If you don’t see a list or two strictly dedicated to vegans or vegetarians, then create one and share!

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