CurEat’s purpose is to help you find curated, independent restaurants in your destination. Share your restaurant lists with friends, family, and CurEaters. Eat and enjoy the meal!

CurEater Ribbon

The CurEater ribbon indicates how many of your favorite CurEaters have a certain restaurant on their list. To find out which CurEaters are listing them, select the restaurant’s profile photo, and simply tap the ribbon.


Curious to know which of your friends have a specific restaurant on their list? It works the same way as CurEaters: tap the restaurant’s profile photo and then the friend symbol. It’s that easy!


If you’re interested in this app, you likely have some favorite, local spots you love. That’s a fantastic place to start with your first list. Then, share this list with friends and family. As you discover more great places, make more lists.

Behind the scenes, the lists you—and your connections—create, will come to influence the restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that show up for you in CurEat’s search.


Lists are easy to make in CurEat. Location-based lists are a perfect way to get started. Where do you like to eat back home? How about for lunch at work? While the lists are fantastic for you, they get even better when you share them.


Sharing with your friends and family supports the independent restaurants you already love. Have a list of the best burgers in Durham? The best seafood in Charleston? Your favorite cocktail places in DC? Send them to folks you think would enjoy them.


If someone shared a list—or you find one from a CurEater—pin it, so it’s easy to find the next time you want to refer to it.


CurEaters are prominent chefs, restaurateurs, bartenders, creatives and artisan craft makers. These folks are always thinking, observing, or producing the sort of unique experiences CurEat is about discovering. Count on them to be connected to the best independent spots in their communities and great inspiration.





You’ve got a work trip coming up—a new city you’ve never been in. Skip the chain restaurants. Use CurEat to check out the neighborhood spots your friends, family and CurEaters frequent.

Bookmark the places you’d like to eat while you’re there so they are at your fingertips.

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