Fire, Flour & Fork Celebrates its Sixth Year

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Starting Thursday, October 31 through Sunday, November 3, Fire, Flour & Fork, Richmond’s food and drink festival, will celebrate its sixth year. The festival caught our attention in 2017 and made a deep impression on us. Maybe it was its commitment to producing authentic events that tell the stories of the city’s past, present, and future, or maybe it was the humble talent who come together to share their food and drink with attendees. Regardless of what keeps us coming back, we know for a fact that Fire, Flour & Fork’s positive, creative energy plays a role in keeping the integrity of the festival. 

In 2018, we attended Fire, Flour & Fork’s Food U Tasting Hall with Copper & Kings at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, the Bartender Battle, and the Harvest from the Fertile Crescent Dinner at Blue Bee Cider. We left each event feeling like we made new friends in Richmond, and we got a small taste of how tight the Richmond community is. 

Events that Stood Out to Us

This year if you happen to live in Richmond or are looking for a reason to travel to Richmond, there are still a few tickets left to Fire, Flour & Fork’s dinners and events (they are very limited).

Pie a la Mode

Patrick O’Connell – Dining as Living Theater Q&A

“Go for Baroque” Dinner at The Quirk Hotel

Dabney Dinner

“Refugee in the Kitchen at The Mantu” with Chef Noori and Chef Opie Crooks

Coltivato Dinner at Lunch/Supper

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