Food Tech CEO Urges Philly Foodies to Share the Restaurants they Love

CurEat – the restaurant app introduced in 2017 – founder Steve Mangano encouraged food aficionados of Greater Philadelphia to share positive restaurant recommendations if they wish to keep those restaurants in business.

Mangano was interviewed about his national restaurant finding app by Kevin Wilson on the “Dining on a Dime Podcast”, one of several podcasts within the Indie Philly Radio Network.

While explaining the positive intentions behind the CurEat App, which allows the app’s users to create, share and explore lists and photos of their favorite restaurants , Mangano explained how the app’s approach to restaurant discovery is meant to benefit independent restaurants throughout the U.S.

“The place that’s doing a bad job, they’ll take care of themselves,” said Mangano. “They’ll go out of business by themselves. They don’t need your help. What does need your help are all the great places that you love. This app gives them two or three more covers a night, and that’s the difference between them making a profit or not.”

Wilson expressed his appreciation for the practical application of the CurEat app, identifying how it matches his real-life experience of telling people his favorite local restaurants during his evening commute on the bus in Philadelphia.

“What I love about your app is its positivity,” remarked Wilson “We always bash Yelp on this show. Basically, what Steve is doing, is he’s saying ‘Hey, let’s create a community, and if [my co-host] Jim Hasson loves a certain type of pizza, he’ll share it with his community.’”

Mangano further identified how the methodology behind the app is based in how people typically interact in the real world when suggesting restaurants to one another. For example when a friend tells you they are visiting Philadelphia and looking for a restaurant recommendation, you most likely share a short list of your favorites.

 “You’re not texting him a list of all of those restaurants and the reviews,” explained Mangano. “Most of that’s extraneous. What I want to know is that three of my friends like that place and a chef that’s fairly good likes it. Then I’m going to go eat there.”  

Listen to the full episode here.

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