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Strands of Food: The Ties of Help One Now + CurEat

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We recently discovered that almost every member of Help One Now downloaded CurEat and created profiles. When we make discoveries like this, we want to learn more! We asked Help One Now’s Chief Operating Officer Brigid O’Boyle why their office decided to use CurEat and what food means to the team! Here’s what she said:

While our work is international, we’re headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina; with staff also in AR, TX, and AL. Our favorite moments are when we get to engage our local communities and form relationships with one another. We love when we are the common thread between people, or even groups of people – people who would otherwise not interact or develop friendships. The best way to do this is sitting down at the table, where everyone has a seat to enjoy good food and conversation, and where relationships are born. The power of sharing a meal is never lost on us, and we love the way food can bring us all together.

In the rare times we are able to have our entire team together, it usually centers around food. Whether at some of our favorite Raleigh spots or in the homes of our friends and supporters, we cherish the time to join around the table and share life together.

Seeing that the Help One Now team is comprised of individuals who have lived in different parts of the country, we know they all have good lists! We encourage you to open CurEat, find them and follow. We’ll even help you out! 

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Help One Now is a non-profit organization that strives to end extreme poverty, care for orphans, rescue slaves, empower families, and see communities transformed through our international partners.