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For the Best Places to Eat, Follow These 6 CurEaters

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From Boulder to New Orleans or from Nashville to San Francisco, at least one or two of our CurEaters will have a list of the best places to eat in each city. We’ve rounded up the 6 CurEaters who have the most lists on CurEat and who you should 120% follow. Immediately.

Hungry Asian

Roanoke, VA CurEater Hungry Asian, also known as John Park, comes in at number one with 47 lists. The guy LOVES to eat. It says it on his CurEat profile, so we aren’t making it up. Among his 47 lists are his “Korean Restaurants” list and “Ramen” list that we are particularly excited about.

Robert Donovan

Charleston, SC CurEater Robert Donovan is not far behind Hungry Asian with 34 lists on his CurEat profile of the best places to eat. Robert is our resident hot dog expert and has 3 lists dedicated solely to the classic all-American food. One of our favorite things about Robert is his Instagram bio. Check it out. But first, follow him on CurEat to see where this man likes to eat and drink.

Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

We are endlessly grateful to CurEater Atlanta Food & Wine Festival for their 25 lists. You know when you go to a food or drink fest and you get a pamphlet with a list of all the chefs, etc. participating? By the end of the weekend (or first day), you’ve either left it in your Lyft on the way to a tasting tent or in your hotel room. We’ve been there. Thanks to CurEater Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, you can find all the festival participants in one place!

Chana Lynn

Raleigh, NC CurEater Chana Lynn is the voice behind the RALEIGHWHATSUP blog. She may be an expert when it comes to the best places to eat and drink in Raleigh, but she doesn’t limit her 23 lists to the Triangle. Follow Chana to see what’s up in Asheville, Brooklyn and Key West.

Kenny Gilbert

Jacksonville, FL CurEater and Chef Kenny Gilbert, of Underground Kitchen and Gilbert’s Social, has a solid line up of 21 lists, from Jacksonville to NYC and Los Angeles to Maui. Want to eat bbq in Sea Island, GA? Chef Kenny has a list for that, too. Follow Chef Kenny on CurEat and see if your favorite restaurant and bars match up with his. 

Mattie Beason

Durham CurEater and Cider King Mattie Beason, of Black Twig Cider House, tied with Chef Kenny with 21 lists. If you want to know where to drink the best cider, Mattie B. has a “Cider Centric” list. If you happen to find yourself in Boulder, CO, check out his “Boulder Stops” list for the best places to eat and drink. Mattie B. is someone who we would want to join us for a road trip, and now he can. Follow him on CurEat and take Mattie B. along with you on your next trip around the country.   

CurEater Nation Hahn Keeps a Legacy of Service Alive

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All of our CurEaters, whether they are prominent chefs, creatives or craft-makers, care about the communities where they live and work. You will often see our CurEaters like Vivian Howard, of Chef and the Farmer, and Lydia Clopton, of Pinpoint Restaurant, cooking to raise money for organizations like the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. There’s also CurEater and chef Chris Shepherd, of Underbelly, who changes the focus of his annual Southern Smoke event to benefit those affected by Hurricane Harvey. This week we want to highlight Raleigh CurEater Nation Hahn and what he is doing to impact his community.

Nation Hahn co-founded the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation, which officially launched in October 2013 with its Party with a Purpose, 6 months after the death of his wife. Jamie Hahn was passionate about solving food insecurity, educational disparity and poverty in the community.

This year Nation Hahn and the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation will celebrate their 5th Annual Weekend of Purpose on Saturday, October 14th. If you live in the Triangle, we hope you will join us for their Day of Service Saturday morning and/or their Party with a Purpose Saturday night. CurEaters Inez Ribustello, of Tarboro Brewing Company, Phoebe Lawless, of Scratch Bakery, Kevin Barrett, of Dram & Draught, and Sean Lilly Wilson, of Fullsteam Brewery, will be among the talent providing food and drink for the event. 

Tickets are on sale now. If you have CurEat Experiences, we will send you a discount code for VIP tickets or general admission tickets. Don’t have CurEat Experiences? You can snag a membership for $10. Once you have purchased your membership, we will send you your Party with a Purpose discount code. With a CurEat Experiences membership, you will also receive recipes,tips, first access to events, and other perks every month.

nation hahn, cureat, cureat app, Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation, food systems, eat local, local chefsAll tickets sales support connecting and equipping emerging leaders around the state of North Carolina through programs such as the JKHF Fellowship Program and Gathering for Good series. In keeping with Jamie’s passions, the foundation focuses on the betterment of North Carolina food systems and access to equal education. We hope you will consider supporting the great work of CurEater Nation Hahn to continue Jamie’s legacy of service and to spark change.

P.S. You can also follow Nation Hahn on CurEat to see where he eats and drinks around the U.S.

Meet CurEater Jenny Bonchak, Founder of Slingshot Coffee Co.

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It’s #NationalCoffeeDay, and we know what you’re  thinking. Shouldn’t everyday be National Coffee Day? Just like food, good coffee is always the starting point of a new relationship. They even have coffee ceremonies everyday in Ethiopia, so clearly the little bean is significant. In honor of this very caffeinated day (we’ve had about 3 cups each in the office already), we want to introduce you to one of our newest CurEaters, Jenny Bonchak, founder of Slingshot Coffee Co. in Raleigh, NC.

Jenny has been in the Specialty Coffee industry since 2006 and has carved her way in an industry dominated by men. She has won some pretty notable awards, including:

  • 2016 Southern Living Entrepreneur of the Year (Food & Drink)
  • 2016 U.S. Eastern Conf. Champion
  • 2015 U.S. Brewers Cup National Runner Up
  • 2012-2014 U.S. & Southeast Regional Brewers Cup Coach

We can’t forget to mention that Slingshot has been noted for a quality and taste that is second-to-none, and featured in the New York Times, Imbibe, Real Simple, Southern Living, Paste, Monocle, Bust, Sprudge and more. It was also named Best in the U.S. by Huffington Post and Boston Globe. It is really some of the best cold brew coffee we’ve had. 

If you haven’t already guessed, Jenny is basically our resident expert of specialty coffee and you better believe she has some solid lists on CurEat of the best coffee shops around the U.S. If you are in NYC and need a place to open your laptop and sip some liquid gold, she has a list for you. Atlanta? Yep, she’s got you. Follow Jenny on CurEat and never be left in the dark for where to find specialty coffee, especially on #NationalCoffeeDay.

Meet Guest CurEater, Kristi Martin, Founder of Charlotte’s FEAST Food Tours & Culinary Events

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Photo by Rémy Thurston

Hello, friends! My name is Kristi Martin, owner of FEAST Food Tours & Culinary Events here in Charlotte, NC, and CurEat guest blogger.

For some, the Queen City is best known for NASCAR and bankers. I remember thinking the same thing when arriving to Charlotte in 1991. However, so much has changed in the past 25 years. It just takes a peek beneath the surface to find a vibrant culinary community here full of chefs, farmers, service personnel, and restaurateurs working together to push the envelope on what’s new and tasty in town.

coffee, coffee shops, charlotte, cureat app, cureat
Not Just Coffee, Atherton Market

Since starting FEAST over five years ago, I have had the honor and privilege to get to know many of these talented professionals, and through our food tours and custom events we get to introduce our guests to their stories, their craft, and their passion.

CurEater Clark Barlowe’s Heirloom Restaurant
cureat, cureat app, eat local, the asbury
Dish by CurEater Matt Krenz, Executive Chef at The Asbury

We always love to support local business, and that’s really the foundation of the culinary community here. Whether it’s chefs and farmers working together through organizations like the Piedmont Culinary Guild, or bartenders serving up craft beer and local spirits, everywhere you turn you’ll find folks collaborating and supporting each other to help Charlotte be the best food city you’ve never heard about.

FEAST Food Tours are weekly tours of this awesome community. Join us on Fridays and Saturdays to explore the city as we gather around the table to savor local culinary gems and connect you with the people who make it all happen behind the scenes!

craft brew, local brew, salud ceveceria, cureat, cureat app
Salude Cervceria is an extension of Charlotte’s Salud NODA.
Chef Matt Martin’s Fern Flavors

One of the questions I get most often is “What is your favorite restaurant in Charlotte?” The answer is that it always depends on what I’m in the mood for, so I love to use my CurEat lists to highlight different kinds of food around the city that match those occasions. Download CurEat to check out my lists in the app, to see some of my favorites.

For more information on FEAST, find us on Instagram at @FeastFoodTours or visit www.feastfoodtours.com.