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WRAL Out and About: CurEat app offers dining suggestions

Watch the full video. CurEaters Katie Button, Jenny Bonchak and Phoebe Lawless share with WRAL Out and About how and why they use CurEat. As a chef and restaurant owner, I love eating out. With the CurEat app, it’s awesome because I can look up my friends’, chef friends and

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Holidays with the Sommeliers

The holiday cheer is flowing like wine, and we’re here for it.  We’re also here for the rest and relaxation. If you’re like us and you look forward to the end of the day when you’re curled up in your favorite spot on the couch, sipping on your favorite libation,

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The CurEat Brunch Club

Real talk: brunch is the best meal of the day, and we’re going to take liberties and assume you agree. How could it not be when you can drink coffee for the first half of the meal and switch to bottomless mimosas for the second? Because you’re technically eating two

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Meet Asheville CurEater East Fork Pottery

When we choose our CurEaters, we not only look for great chefs and bartenders, we also look for creatives and artisan craft-makers in a community. Founded by Alex Matisse and Connie Matisse in 2010, East Fork Pottery was one of our first artisan CurEaters. This month they celebrated the one-year

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CurEat a Vegan or Vegetarian Night Out

With November being National Vegan Month, we figured we’d peruse our CurEaters’ lists for some restaurants that serve up some vegan and vegetarian dishes. For those of you interested in ditching the meat for at least one night, we compiled a list of five restaurants from five CurEaters that will

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National Sandwich Day Called and We Answered

If you’re anything like us, you’ll find any excuse to go out for your favorite sandwich. Because let’s be real, sandwiches are always in season. With that being said, today is National Sandwich Day, so we perused our CurEaters’ lists to highlight five spots for sandwiches across the U.S. If

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CurEater Nation Hahn Keeps a Legacy of Service Alive

All of our CurEaters, whether they are prominent chefs, creatives or craft-makers, care about the communities where they live and work. You will often see our CurEaters like Vivian Howard, of Chef and the Farmer, and Lydia Clopton, of Pinpoint Restaurant, cooking to raise money for organizations like the Food

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