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This App Gets Rid of Bad Restaurant Reviews and Replaces Them With Picks From Top Chefs

Founder Steve Mangano shares more with Food & Wine’s Noah Kaufman about CurEat’s mission to replace bad restaurant reviews with positivity.

Toppling a behemoth like Yelp is not something easily done and CurEat may not do it—there are currently 145 million Yelp users every month. But in a world where the mountain of online reviews can feel never ending and sometimes capriciously written, it’ll be nice to have a little expertise back in the system.

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Dine & Dish: Need a place to eat? Let local chefs help you decide

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You can consider us the foodie friend who knows all the cool places and local chefs.

It can be hard to stumble into a worthwhile dive without lots of research.

Thankfully I have a new tool to use. CurEat is a free app that launched this summer. The Raleigh-based app looped in some Wilmington chefs to create profiles and share their favorite restaurants to go to in Wilmington and other cities around the South.

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CurEat Skips the Reviews and Curates the List of Good Eats

Steve Mangano sat down with Hypepotamus to talk about what sets CurEat apart at DIG SOUTH.

“To be honest, I would challenge you to look at reviews and tell me how many are actually useful to you,” says CEO Steve Mangano. “Our general philosophy is less can be more and so if we can focus on you to say, ‘how many people that you know or respect, or might be interested in, like these places?’ That can help funnel your search into a direction. But if you are trying to sort out ratings and reviews? It’s a tough time to figure it out.”

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CurEat Featured in The News & Observer

Great interview with CurEat founder Steve Mangano in The News & Observer: Raleigh entrepreneur Steve Mangano launches CurEat, a new restaurant app

The inspiration for the app, which is now available in the iTunes app store, came first from Mangano wanting to cut through the clutter to find the best places to eat and drink while traveling. Second, Mangano sensed an opportunity based on conversations with those in the restaurant industry, many of whom are anti-Yelp.

“I know how hard it is to put that plate on the table and then to be unfairly rated is frustrating,” Mangano said.

Download CurEat on the app store to find lists from Raleigh CurEaters, including Ashley Chrstiensen and Scott Crawford.