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CurEat Will Help You Find Great Food & Drink on Your Summer Vacation

Memorial Day and the start of summer is less than 2 weeks away—that means summer vacation and road trips. If you are hitting the beach or the mountains or planning any trip for that matter, CurEat is the perfect resource for discovering those hidden gems along the way or at your destination.

Not sure where to start? Download CurEat on the app store and follow new CurEaters: Dean Neff of Pinpoint and Justin Amick of The Painted Pin. Check out their lists for Wilmington, NC, Edisto, SC and Nantucket!

CurEat Featured on ABC11.com

Watch ABC11.com’s video coverage of CurEat: New app helps you find good eats. CurEater Cheetie Kumar provides her take on what makes an amazing food experience—a great preview of her list, available through the CurEat app.

Allows you to have the kind of night that you remember. …Instead of it being a negatively reviewed app, it includes places that people really are fond of and have positive experiences with. – Cheetie Kumar

Download CurEat on the app store to find Cheetie and other local CurEaters!

CurEat Featured in Charlotte Observer

Read Charlotte Observer’s write up of CurEat: Take that, Yelp: New restaurant app CurEat comes to Charlotte.

CurEat lines up “CurEaters” in every city who are visible and add their own favorites. Most are chefs or owners of local businesses who are plugged in about the food world.

Download CurEat on the app store to find lists from Charlotte CurEaters, including Ashley Bivens Boyd of 300 East and Heritage, and Clark Barlowe of Heirloom!

CurEat Featured in Durham Magazine

The app…enables users to group local dining establishments that they recommend based on everything from city to type of food, with an added social aspect: Lists can easily be shared with friends and family via text or email. Likewise, if you’re traveling and need a quick recommendation, the app will show you which local spots your friends have enjoyed.

Read more in Durham Magazine’s article, Discover the Best Places to Dine with New Restaurant App CurEat