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CurEat Featured on Scene on Seven

Live in South Carolina and want to learn more about CurEat? Check out’s latest video coverage of CurEat: CurEat App Helps You Find Places To Eat In The Upstate. There’s a new app in the Upstate to help you decide where to eat and it’s all about locally-owned foodie spots.

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CurEat Featured on Greenville Online

See if you can relate. You go to a new city, you want to find a good place to eat, so you Google “best restaurants…” A list pops up full of four and five star reviews. But then you notice McDonald’s has also made it on the list. What? You love

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CurEat Featured in Greenville Journal

The app is designed to help you quickly find the best place to dine and drink based upon your location. Providing curated lists of restaurants from local and national experts, the app allows users to create and share personal selections of restaurants. CurEaters — prominent chefs, bartenders, artisan craft-makers, and

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