Three New Raleigh Bakeries for Every Type of Pastry Lover

Three new Raleigh bakeries popped up this summer and we couldn’t be happier.

If you’re from Raleigh, you know about Boulted Bread croissants with thousands of layers. You’ve been to Yellow Dog Bread Company and found cookies that melt in your mouth like butter. And, you’ve definitely had the area’s best bagels at Benchwarmers Bagels. So many wonderful bakeries call Raleigh home and so many of us spend our weekend mornings around a table of pastries. We often ask ourselves, “Does it get better than this?” And it does. This summer, three new, incredible bakeries have opened in Raleigh and we couldn’t be more excited about it. 

The Three New Must-Visit Raleigh Bakeries

Each of these new bakeries have their own personality. But, all three of them are the perfect place to spend a late morning with great company, coffee, and of course, a pastry (or three) in hand.

The Instagrammable Raleigh Bakery

With its minimalistic decor, soft pink tables, and modern furniture, Layered Croissanterie is the ultimate Instagrammable new bakery in Raleigh. If you’re lucky enough to spend a morning at Layered, you’ll marvel over the light, how it dances through the space, how it moves through the morning. The furniture is simple, inviting. It’s clear that, here, the croissants are the main attraction. Layered is a French croissanterie, the very first in Raleigh. And for anyone who wants to get adventurous with their croissants, it’s the best place to be. Yes, there’s a plain butter croissant, but there is also the Savory Pesto Chicken, perfect for an early lunch. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Lemon Meringue Cruffin and Kouign Amann. Sit and stay a while to watch the pastry chefs as they work swiftly in the kitchen, folding layer upon layer of dough. 

The Plant-based Raleigh Breakfast 

Technically not new, but in a new home, Lousy Hunters Doughnuts can now be found permanently in Little Shop Sweets. Who doesn’t love a doughnut? And yes, we’ve always and will always have Krispy Kreme, but for a plant-based option, we now have Lousy Hunters Doughnuts. Made with so much love, these doughnuts are crafted by husband and wife duo, Tonya and Josh. With flavors like maple pecan, cinnamon roll, chocolate cherry, chai, and lemon, there’s always something for everyone. Vegan or not, these doughnuts are the things dreams are made of. Open Thursday – Sunday.

Union Special Bread for Pastries and Brunch

Where do we begin? Union Special feels familiar, warm, and the kind of place where you could spend all morning. With a variety of pastry offerings (our personal favorite is the ham and cheese croissant) and breads to take home, Union Special is one of our favorite new Raleigh bakeries. Coolest part besides it’s hip interior? It’s located in a re-vamped strip mall! You can also watch the pastries being made, as giant windows give you a glimpse into the kitchen. What we love about this bakery is their full-menu weekend brunch. We are honored to have Union Special’s founder and baker, Andrew Ullom, as a CurEater, which means you can see where the man behind our favorite croissants eats and drinks.

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