Where NFL Quarterbacks Would Watch Football Games (if they could)

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If you’re trying to emulate the eating practices of your favorite NFL quarterbacks, you won’t always need to break the bank… but in some cases you definitely will!

With the possible exception of National Hockey League goaltender, the role of quarterback in the NFL is the most important and stress-inducing position in all of sports. Every move you make is analyzed under a microscope, and every misstep will have your team’s entire fanbase ready to crucify you. 

Obviously, the tradeoff for having such intense pressure placed upon the NFL quarterbacks’ collective shoulders is to be compensated with a massive quantity of money, so it’s hard to have too much sympathy for them. Still, we’re sure these guys would enjoy a few Sundays off to actually watch some football instead of barking out signals on the gridiron while staring down a pass rush. 

With that being said, several of the top NFL quarterbacks have revealed some of their favorite restaurants over the years, either through interviews, Facebook posts, tweets, or simply as a result of being spotted in those restaurants by fans. Our guess is, if these NFL quarterbacks had a Sunday off, these are the places where they would most like to eat a meal while watching a football game.

Aaron Rodgers – Chives Restaurant, Suamico, Wisconsin

According to the Green Bay Press Gazette and a few other sources, Packers All-Pro Aaron Rodgers loves Chives Restaurant. Everything on the menu appears to be priced very reasonably, which means you don’t need a nine-figure contract like Rodgers in order to afford the Classic Steak Fritte or Grilled Angus Filet. What you will need (unless you’re actually Aaron Rodgers), is a reservation. The food may be delicious, but the overall seating is somewhat limited.

Cam Newton – Fellaship Cigar Bar, Atlanta, GA

Cam Newton has made his love of cigars crystal clear to everyone. In fact, it sounds like smoking a cigar off the field may be the only thing he enjoys more than smoking the competition on it! The culmination of Newton’s passion for cigars has resulted in him turning it into his off-field profession with the opening of Fellaship Cigar Bar in Atlanta. And we’re certain he would be at his most comfortable enjoying a game with a cigar in one hand and a fork full of Ponzu-Glazed Scottish Salmon in the other.

Tom Brady – OAK Long Bar + Kitchen, Boston, MA

As much as I’d like to think Tom Brady would still feel at home watching a game at Good Time Charley’s on the campus of his alma mater, OAK Long Bar + Kitchen in Boston is probably more his speed these days. The establishment even hosted an “Eat like the GOAT” event in Brady’s honor, and offered up a menu punctuated with vegetarian options inspired by some of the six-time Super Bowl winner’s favorite foods. Included on the menu was a black bean and portobello vegetarian burger, alongside Brady’s beloved avocado ice cream.

Matt Ryan – Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse, Atlanta, GA

The star quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons has had his name attached to Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse for years now. The restaurant supposedly went so far as to refer to their natural ice beers as “Natty Ices” in honor of Ryan’s well known nickname of “Matty Ice.” But, when it comes to dinner entree options, that’s where Davio’s really shines. The farinacei, classici and caserecci all appear to be scrumptious, and should be more than adequate to satisfy the cravings of a one-time NFL Most Valuable Player.

Russell Wilson – Seastar Restaurant, Bellevue, WA

The Seattle Metropolitan once suggested that Russell Wilson would feel most at home at Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar. If Wilson opts to take in a game at Seastar, we suggest that he bring a fondness for Pacific Ocean seafood with him, along with his R&B diva wife Ciara, and a wallet backed by the strength of this $65 million signing bonus. The Alaskan King Crab is $90, and the Beef Tenderloin is a whopping $135, so this is not a restaurant for cheapskates.

Andrew Luck – Black Market, Indianapolis, IN

Now that Colts star Andrew Luck has announced his retirement, he’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy games from the sanctuary of a cozy restaurant, surrounded by his friends and family. Unfortunately for him, his favorite restaurant, R Bistro, closed its doors a few years ago, but another of his favorites, Black Market, remains open. So, Luck can still enjoy Octopus Al Pastor and Queso Fundido as he cheers on the Colts in as they attempt to win games without him.

Patrick Mahomes – Q39, Kansas City, MO

We have it on good authority that Patrick Mahomes’ favorite barbecue restaurant is Q39, which is high praise given the vast selection of barbecue restaurants in Kansas City. With that in mind, Q39’s “Best Wings On The Planet” may legitimately be as good as advertised. And when it’s paired with mac and cheese, the 12 oz Kansas City Strip Steak should be sufficient to help fuel another 50-touchdown season for one of the NFL’s brightest young stars.

Ben Roethlisberger – King Street Grille, Charleston, South Carolina

Plans to open his “Seven” restaurant in Pittsburgh have apparently gone down the tubes, but Ben Roethlisberger can still opt to catch a game at any of the three King Street Grille locations he owns in the South – two in South Carolina and one in Georgia. From there, he can enjoy a reprieve from the heart-stopping stress of quarterbacking one of football’s most famous franchises, and wolf down one of King Street Grille’s Texas Heart Stopping Burgers – an Angus beef burger piled with cheese, bacon and eggs and served on Texas toast.

Drew Brees – Ye Old College Inn, New Orleans, LA

When the owner of nearly every meaningful NFL passing record recommends a restaurant, you would be well served to heed his advice. After all, whatever food helped to propel Drew Brees to well over 70,000 career passing yards and 500 career touchdowns is worth investigating, and Brees visited the restaurant in both its pre- and post-Hurricane Katrina locations. Also, compared with the pricy menus that some of the other NFL quarterbacks eat from, the prices at Ye Old College Inn are refreshingly reasonable, with Cartwright’s Center Cut Filet topping all prices at $38. 

Baker Mayfield – The Garage on Main Street, Norman, OK

When Baker Mayfield returns to visit the school where he won the Heisman Trophy, the Cleveland Browns quarterback more than likely visits Smitty’s Garage. After all, he did suggest it as the best place to grab a burger and beer in Norman, Oklahoma, and the young NFL star could afford to feed an entire family of five at Smitty’s for less than $50. The most expensive item on the menu, The Big G Burger, is only $8.99, while the restaurant’s priciest non burger is the $8.49 Fish & Chips. At those prices, even if the football game he’s watching goes into overtime, Mayfield still won’t run up a huge bill.

Carson Wentz – Ocean Prime, Philadelphia, PA

When Eagles star QB Carson Wentz wanted to celebrate both his engagement to his girlfriend and his Super Bowl victory on the same night, he went to Ocean Prime in Philadelphia. The Surf & Turf at this place sounds absolutely phenomenal, and it comes with a Gouda Potato Cake, Chili Seared Spinach, Cabernet Truffle Reduction and Bearnaise. Sadly, the Philly location doesn’t appear to have a television available for viewing football games, but for the quarterback who won Philadelphia its very first Super Bowl, I’m sure they would gladly install one for him (and all NFL quarterbacks) to watch a few games privately.   

Deshaun Watson – Longstreet Cafe, Gainesville, GA

Deshaun Watson talked up the Longstreet Cafe to such a degree that fans of his traveling through Gainesville will often make a pit stop at Longstreet solely for the privilege of eating where the 2018 Pro Bowler and 2016 CFP National Champion once ate. The homestyle Southern food and ambiance are refreshingly simple, yet still delicious based on all of Longstreet’s reviews. And it is equally refreshing to think that a superstar QB like Watson wouldn’t lose touch with his roots after striking it rich.

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