Where to Eat Oysters from the West Coast to the East Coast

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Thanks to oyster farms, you can eat oysters year-round. In the past, oyster season was from September to April.  If you’re like us and always order a dozen oysters on the half shell and a glass of white wine in the “R”-less months, then you probably wish you had a list of where to eat oysters from coast to coast. CurEaters Jenn Rice, Locals Seafood, and Angela Hansberger created CurEat lists specifically for your oyster craving.

Where to Find Green Gill Oysters (When in Season)

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Photo via Three Little Spats

CurEater and food writer Jenn Rice tried her first green gill oyster at the Charleston Wine + Food festival and made it her mission to find out more about North Carolina’s hidden gems. Her article for Atlas Obscura left us wondering where to eat oysters fit for the Wizard of Oz. Well, Jenn never leaves us hanging. She recently created a CurEat list to guide us to what a North Carolina oyster farmer calls the “Atlantic Emerald”. The best part is that you can find the green gill oysters as far as Savannah and San Francisco. It’s important to note that the season for the green gill is very short.

Our Favorite Oyster Shops

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Photo via Locals Seafood

When it comes to fresh seafood, we trust Locals Seafood in Raleigh to always have the best. Why? Because they buy directly from the North Carolina coast. One can assume that the folks at Locals Seafood know where to eat oysters when they’re on the road. Thankfully, Locals Seafood is a CurEater, meaning they one hundred percent have a list of restaurant recommendations that serve some fine oysters. Now go and follow Locals Seafood on CurEat. And if you’re in Raleigh go to Transfer Co. Food Hall to peruse their fresh catch. They’ll most certainly have oysters.

Best Oysters in Atlanta

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Photo via Watchman’s Seafood and Spirits

If you don’t follow Atlanta CurEater Angela Hansberger on CurEat, we highly recommend you do so ASAP. She is a food writer and knows the Atlanta food scene like the back of her hand, which means she’s knows where to eat oysters. She also has a CurEat list for everyone. Since we’re talking about oysters, we want to highlight her “Best Oysters in Atlanta” list. One of the restaurants we’re itching to try on her list is Watchman’s Seafood and Spirits from the crew behind Kimball House.

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